Do you like avocados?

June 16, 2020 by STEP Conference

Avocados are a 20 Billion Euro Industry and innovation coupled with branding is helping The Avocado Show eat up that market. Ron Simpson, one of the founders of The Avocado Show, is joining us at STEP Anywhere 2020 to tell us more about his story.

The Avocado Show, a restaurant which opened its doors first in Amsterdam in 2017, uses sustainable solutions for its offerings and is making waves in the food industry. We were intrigued to hear more about their reach to 200 million interactions online in over 60 countries (without even being there), and how they established themselves as a lovable brand (instagram worthy experience always). They also nabbed a $5 Million investment from Orange Wings just after 6 months of opening and got franchise requests before they even launched. 

We’re excited to have Ron with us this August at STEP Anywhere to hear more about The Avocado Show’s journey when it comes to food, brand, innovation, and sustainability.

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