Get Your Palate Future Ready 🌽

April 26, 2021 by STEP Conference

Our next Summit in Food and Tech in just a month on May 25th, will provide you with some much needed perspective on how the food tech industry has evolved into a thriving industry for businesses, yet adding environmental sustainability to the table and equip you with the tools, inspiration and knowledge to help you get there.

Discover more speakers joining us and some of the thought-provoking sessions below. 

Check out the full Line-up here! 🎙

  • CAPITAL IN THE AGRITECH SCENE 🔎: Venture Capitalists in emerging markets focus on industry enablers rather than on actual farming side of the agriculture scene, why and why not. Who’s responsible for driving more capital into the core of the agriculture industry?
  • THE ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FMCG INDUSTRY 🔎: It’s a fact our food production system is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, depletion of natural resources, land erosion, deforestation, pollution of the land and the ocean and water scarcity. How are the current industry stakeholders working towards mitigating these risks and problems and what’s the role of technology in this area?
  • HEALTHY TRENDS AND CORPORATE RESPONSE 🔎: How are large FMCG corporations responding to the rising health trends? Are companies following the right health standards? Who’s responsible for ensuring nutrition standards in consumer brands?

At just $20, you can confirm your seat to the summit! You can tune in from anywhere in the world with just a smart device and wifi connection. There are no extra costs to account such as travel expenses and accommodation, we’re excited to see you join remotely!

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