The Capital in the Agritech Scene 🥦

May 10, 2021 by STEP Conference

While the world debates on important matter such as climate change, the pandemic and the financial offset of the stock markets, a very crucial life-driving force – the world’s source of nutrition and its optimal levels are lost in the clout.

However, some of the leading VC’s and Investors in the business ecosystem have highlighted this issue by consistently funding and upholding the future of food growth technologies so that we aren’t left with empty plates when disaster strikes, and this investment in the agricultural space have caught on strong waves in the Middle East.

Quite recently, Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) announced that it had invested $100 million (Dh367m) to bring four agriculture technology companies to the emirate as part of government efforts to attract high-skilled talent and cutting-edge research. Startups driven by the latest smart technologies have taken a leap into the food space to create sustainable business models which may lead to the development of in-house smart solutions attracting local and global investors.

Joining the Step FoodX Summit on May 25th are the top thinkers and engagers in the food tech space of the middle east, and they will be sharing their understanding in this space and what could be anticipated for the future 🎙👇

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speakers at the Food tech summit

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