STEP Conference 2018

Global leaders & industry experts will be taking
the stage at STEP2018 to tackle the latest trending topics
in technology, digital & entertainment industries.

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Get the inside story behind NASA’s mission to mars and the future of space exploration from the previous head of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Peek at how artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality are changing the game in various industries, from helping surgeons operate in remote areas to improving customer experience, increasing sales, and more.

Startups & Entrepreneurship

Explore all facets of the entrepreneurial ecosystem - operations, technologies, and investment - and witness the most successful entrepreneurs behind MENA’s unicorns, alongside established startups and up and coming entrepreneurs that are forging tomorrow’s world and pushing the envelope across the entire business spectrum - e-commerce, transportation, F&B, real estate, and brick and mortar retail to name a few.

Money & Investment

Access insights from the biggest money movers and shakers, including global VCs that share a keen interest in emerging markets and local investors that have borne witness to the rise of the technology scene in the Middle East over the last decade. Learn about game changing financial technologies in online payment, banking services, and insurance.

Digital Content

How are traditional media outlets adapting to a quickly evolving media landscape? What is the future of news reporting and digital activism? How are content creators responding to changing consumption behaviours, new social channels and mediums such as video? Listen to established professionals and disruptors recount their personal experiences, debate and share key learnings from a fast evolving media industry.

Digital Marketing

How are brands and advertisers capitalizing on online fame, influencers and super fans? How do you value reach, and how do you measure its impact? How are chatbots changing the game for marketers? Learn about the latest marketing models and practises, and discover how natural language processing and artificial intelligence, data analytics, and immersive reality are reshaping the industry.


Explore the power of comedy as a medium for social change with a lineup of the sharpest and most successful comedians from the region; listen as they retell their tales on breaking taboos and fighting stereotypes. Find out how professional sports associations are leveraging technology to improve player performance and how teams are creating engaging fan experiences outside of the stadium using digital and social platforms.


Get the inside scoop on the challenges and opportunities of the local film industry and learn about running indie cinemas and Video on Demand platforms with a lineup of the most successful Arab actors, directors, and digital players curated by Cinema Akil.

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