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step digital

STEP Digital tackles the latest global trends in digital marketing, brands, advertising tech, and content. Brand Managers, CMOs, Influencers, and digital gurus take the stage, host workshops, and network to also meet startups in the digital media space.

What We Cover

Brands & advertising

Stories from brands on staying relevant in the digital age with insights on the evolution of consumer behavior, and the use datasets in digital platforms.

Publishers & Platforms

Publishers moving from print to digital. How is technology enhancing readers experiences through backend technologies like AI.

Programmatic Ads & Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence development in the programmatic advertising space, debating the survival of agencies and their advancement.

Influencers & Content

Influencers collaborating with brands, and content evolving in formats and contexts. Discussing the importance to publicly disclose relationships, and the involvement of regulatory bodies in the process.