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What is STEP Conference?
STEP Conference is the largest tech experiential festival in the Middle East. With 4 conferences, more than 300 startups showcasing, and 6000+ attendees over two days, STEP will bring you the latest in tech and digital.
How big is the STEP 2020 event?
This year we expect an estimated 7000+ attendees, as well as 300 showcasing startups, and 100+ companies and government entities.
What is the event setup?
STEP Conference consists of four different content stages that span across Dubai Internet City. Between the stages there are different activities and activations, a large startup exhibition space, entertainment, as well as food stands. There are also parallel workshops taking place throughout the two days in private spaces. Outside the STEP 2020 location, there are satellite events happening in Dubai with our various partners.
What is the overall goal/objective of the event?
STEP conference is a place to be informed and updated on the latest trends in various fields including digital media, fintech, future tech, entrepreneurship and beyond, and learn directly from industry leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. The experiential two-day event provides opportunities to network and connect with our wide range of attendees, share information and take part in exciting activities and workshops.
What kind of attendees are coming to STEP 2020?
Our attendees include regional and international entrepreneurs, brands, media agencies, influencers, investors, VCs, bankers, government representatives, startup founders, digital media enthusiasts, future technology stakeholders, youths and students.
What is the language the conference is conducted in?
All sessions will be in English.
As an attendee, How can I keep track of what’s going on during the event?
You can download the STEP Conference 2020 app for IOS and Google Play stores.
How many investors attend STEP Conference?
You can check out the investors that attended STEP 2019 here.


What is the Startup Basecamp?
Over 300  startups will be showcasing at STEP 2020 across the conferences to reveal the latest technologies in their products and services. Showcasing startups will get a chance to meet with regional investors and VCs, gather leads, and potentially find their next partner.
How do I apply to be part of the Start Showcase?
You can apply to showcase here. Once you submit your application, the startup programs team will review your application. Shortlisted startups will be contacted within two weeks of submitting the application. You will then receive the promocode to purchase your startup package through our ticketing platform. Kindly note, the STEP Startup Package is not the same as the STEP Start ticket.
What is included in the startup package?
Startup package is for $349 & includes:
  • x2 All Access tickets
  • Startup showcase branded booth for 1 conference day*
  • Access to talks, panels, workshops and full festival program
  • Booking opportunities for mentorship activities and one-on-one investor meetings
  • A chance to be selected to participate in the Pitch Competition
*Conference showcase day and booth to be allocated randomly
What are the criteria to be shortlisted for the showcase?
  • Your startup must be at least 1 year old
  • You must have an existing product
  • Your startup must be related to digital, technology or innovation
What will be provided at the startup booth?
The booth is 1×1 sqm. There will be one electricity outlet, feel free to get your extensions if you feel like you need more outlets. Small gadgets (tv screen- no larger than 35 inches, ipads, computers, etc…) and marketing material (booklets, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc…) for handing out during the event are allowed. However, Larger material such as roll up banners are not allowed due to space limitations.
Will I need to take care of branding the StartUp booth?
We take care of branding your booth with your startup’s logo and a short description. It is optional to bring extra marketing material or decorations for your booth.
Can I select the day that I want to showcase on and the location of Booth?
Unfortunately not, our startup success team carefully select the day and location a startup exhibits based selected criteria to ensure the best experience.
Can my startup showcase on both days of the conference?
Unfortunately not, startups can only showcase on 1 Conference day.
What is the STEP Conference Pitch Competition?
The STEP Conference Pitch Competition provides a select number of the best regional and competitive startups a chance to pitch to a panel of judges and an enthusiastic audience. The competition winner will benefit from exclusive in-kind prizes from participating partners.
How can I apply to the pitch competition?
All showcasing startups have a chance to be selected for the pitch competition if they fit the criteria based on their initial application to showcase at the startup Basecamp.
How do I get a letter of invitation for a Visa?
SSend an e-mail to [email protected] with the Subject: Invitation letter for visa to ask for the documentation. STEP provides confirmed startups that have purchased a ticket to STEP Conference with a visa letter to proceed with their own visa application process.
How do I sign up for the mentorship sessions and workshops?
You can sign up to certain sessions by downloading STEP Conference App. You can get access to the agenda, session and registration by creating profile on the conference app.


Are speakers’ flight and accommodation covered by STEP?
Flight and accommodation are covered on a case by case basis.
Will speaker presentations be available after the conference?
Presentations are made available at each speaker’s discretion.
What is the format of the sessions?
We have several session formats including talks, panel discussions, fireside chats, debates, round table discussions, interactive Q&As, and more
How can I apply to become a speaker?
Email your profile and details to [email protected] with the subject title “Speaking opportunity at STEP 2020” and we’ll get back to you if there’s a good fit in the program.


I have a large team that wants to attend the conference, Can I get extra tickets?
Yes, you can purchase extra tickets for your team. The cost of attending the STEP Conference increases as the event approaches. The sooner you register and pay, the lower the fees. We offer discounted rates for group tickets. Please contact us at [email protected] for details.
Will I get a reduced price if I only need 1 ticket from the StartUp Package?
Unfortunately not, two tickets are included as part of the startup package. The tickets cannot be separated.
What is the payment method for the startup package?
The payment is made through our booking partner’s platform. The link will be shared via email, where you can then purchase your desired package. Please note that the payments can only be made through Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal.
Do I need to print my ticket?
Yes, you need to print your ticket.
Where can I pick up my badge?
Badges can be picked up at one of the two registration desks at the event. If your startup booth is in DIC, you can collect your badge from the registration desk at DIC. If your startup booth is in AUD, you can collect your badge from the registration desk at AUD.
What is the ticket refund policy?
Unfortunately, the tickets are not refundable, even in cases of illness. If you can find someone who would be interested in attending the event instead of you, it’s possible to transfer the ticket to another person as long as the change is made at least 3 days before the event.


What will my duties/responsibilities be?
All volunteers will be briefed about their responsibilities prior to the event days. The following are some of the main tasks:
  • Coordinating with your team leader to complete a list of given tasks
  • Thinking on the spot, reporting any issues/ problems
  • Ensuring that all attendees and participants have no issues and solving their issues in an appropriate manner
  • Helping out in whichever team requires more assistance 
  • Knowing your way around the venue to assist general attendees
What is the minimum age to volunteer?
You should be over 16 years old in order to volunteer.
What all will I be provided if I am accepted to volunteer?
Lunch during the event days, along with a digital copy of a participation certificate will be provided after the conference
What are the different areas I can choose to volunteer in?
The different areas of volunteering consists of assisting in: Logistics (parking, registration, info desk, runners/floaters), Stages, Startup Booths, Exhibitors/ Sponsors, F&B  You can mention your preference in your email, however, positions are not guaranteed
Will I be assigned a role at random or can I choose which role I want?
You can mention your preference in your email, however, it will be on a first come first serve basis. Once the requirement in one area is fulfilled, you will be randomly allocated to the remaining areas.
What qualifies me to be a team leader?
Having a valid UAE Residence visa and previous volunteering experience. Having been a volunteer and/or team leader in a previous STEP Conference event will be an add on.
What qualifies me to be a volunteer?
Good listening skills, being proactive, having a valid UAE residence visa. 
How long until I get an answer?
Please wait for 1-2 weeks for your acceptance or rejection email. If accepted, you will have to attend a briefing session.
Where can I apply to be a volunteer?
Kindly send in an application to [email protected] with the Subject: Volunteer at STEP 2020.
What are the volunteering timings?
Volunteer timings on both days are from 8:00am-6:00pm.
Where does the event take place?
The event takes place in Dubai Internet City, whereby the registration booth is found in between the Vodafone and Accenture buildings (building 1 and 2).  Please ask your team leader where staff parking is located. Please note: parking is prioritized for attendees. If there is a shortage of parking, you may be requested to move your vehicle to a public parking space. It is strongly recommended to not drive.