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Feeling Peckish? Our F&B Speaker Lineup for #STEP2017 Has You Covered

It's lunch time and as usual you never know what to order

By Step Conference

So you've finally decided to pick up the phone and call for pizza

But 10 minutes into the call you realize that your order wasn't taken

And you just lose it

But thanks to these three STEP2017 speakers, you will never have to go through that again:

Talabat.com - the Kuwaiti success story that exited at $170M in 2015 and joined the Delivery Hero family.

Dikdyuti (DK) Sen is the Chief Marketing Officer of Talabat.com.

Also thrilled to announce Talabat.com as one of our Main Conference Partners for STEP2017

Zomato the unicorn company with over $1 billion valuation which is on a mission to ensure nobody has a bad meal...in the world.

The company has 1.1M monthly active users in DXB (more info here). Rohin Thampi is the regional director for Zomato and he'll be speaking at STEP2017.

Deliveroo is also near unicorn status, operating in more than 12 countries with over 20,000 riders.

Anis Harb is the Regional General Manager of Deliveroo in the GCC, where he's helping the company scale its operations and presence.

Thanks to these guys, you shall never go hangry again.

Craving more? STEP Conference has a delectable line up of speakers to choose from. Get your tickets here.