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Meet the man behind the original concept for Apple stores at #STEP2017

By Step Conference
“We don’t believe in narrow roles like ‘users’ or ‘consumers’, humans are far more interesting and complex. We don’t think purely ‘digital’ or ‘physical’, reality is more fluid and interconnected.”

— Tim Kobe, Founder & CEO of Eight Inc.

Labelled “Apple’s best kept secret”, Tim Kobe heads, Eight Inc., a design firm renowned for designing Apple's branch experience. The company operates 12 studios, spread across 3 continents, and boasts a client list that includes the likes of Coca-Cola, Nissan, Vodafone, Citibank, Hewlett-Packard, Virgin Atlantic, Tesla, and the Office of the Crown Prince of Dubai.

In the video below, Tim discusses how the creative process focused on designing human outcomes will drive innovation in the future.

Eight Inc. recently opened its 12th global office in Dubai Design District.

“We’ve had some very interesting relationships here in Dubai over the last few years, working with people who are involved in really helping to drive the thought leadership, to drive innovation. In those relationships it became clearer and clearer to us that it made sense to have a presence here,” he is quoted as saying in an interview on Gulf Business.

Tim Kobe will be speaking this April at STEP Conference 2017.
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