Cinema Akil

Herstory of Arab Film – Female Filmmakers Telling Tales

From Cannes to the Academy Awards, Arab women filmmakers are at the helm of the independent Arab film scene. What are the specificities of being a woman filmmaker working in the regional film industry? How does her lens see and say in narrating the story of the Arab world. How are Arab women filmmakers received or observed in the international film community…. and then at home? Funding, tokenizing, barriers, cultural norms, sexism, expectations and the persistence on film, our panelists tackle the loaded question: does it mean to be an Arab woman filmmaker today?


Amirah Tajdin

Artist and Filmmaker

Wafa Tajdin

Artist and Filmmaker

Darine Hotait

Ayesha Chagla

Track: Film
Location: DMS Stage
Date: 06/04/2017
Time: 12:25 PM
Duration: 35 minutes