STEP Conference Kick-off
Ray Dargham
5th09:30 - 09:45du StageTechnology
Dreams of Yesterday - Reality of Today: Headlines for Smart Conversations
Osman Sultan
5th09:50 - 10:15du StageTechnology
Intro by Peter Hopwood
Peter Hopwood
5th10:00 - 10:10DMS Stage
Show Me the Digital Spend: Are People Seeing Our Ads?
Amon Ghaiumy
Michel Malkoun
Raouf Ketani
Sofiane Haddadi
5th10:15 - 10:50DMS StageDigital Marketing
Pitch Practice Activity by 1776
Tarek Ghobar
5th10:15 - 11:45Cadillac StageStartups & Entreptreneurship
How are Telcos Evolving into Digital Enablers
Eddy Maroun
Carlos Domingo
Hashem M. Hamidaddin
Tariq Qureishy
5th10:20 - 10:45du StageTechnology
VC & PE: Understanding the Overlap, Differences, and What's Best for Your Company
Karim El Solh
Walid Faza
Amir Farha
Issa Aghabi
Prashant Gulati
5th10:50 - 11:15du StageMoney & Investment
People-Centric Marketing
Farshad Dabeshkhoy
5th10:55 - 11:10DMS StageDigital Marketing
From a Refugee Child to An International Writer
Chaker Khazaal
Jaafar Abdul-Karim
5th11:15 - 11:40DMS StageDigital Content
The Golden Age of Space Exploration
Charles Elachi
5th11:20 - 11:35du StageTechnology
Q&A with Charles Elachi
Charles Elachi
Mohamad Abbas
5th11:35 - 11:45du StageTechnology
An Influencer Walks into a Bar...
Elias Mouawad
Tanaz Dizadji
Nagham Akileh
Abed Agha
5th11:45 - 12:10DMS StageDigital Marketing
Growth Stage Startups Pitches
Oisin Lunny
5th11:45 - 12:45Cadillac StageStartups & Entreptreneurship
Mobile, Visual, Personal: Future proofing your business with Facebook
Stefanos Loukakos
5th11:50 - 12:05du StageTechnology
A Brief History of the Future
Noah Raford
5th12:10 - 12:25du StageTechnology
Media vs Creative Agencies in the Programmatic Age: Who Will Survive?
Yousef Tuqan
Samer Shoueiry
Ravi Rao
Ramzi Moutran
Nael Halabi
5th12:15 - 12:40DMS StageDigital Marketing
Transformation Through Transportation
Colin Rhys
5th12:30 - 12:40du StageTechnology
Future of Transport: Magnetic Levitation, Travel Pods, Flying Cars
Colin Rhys
Evan Burfield
Nikhil Goel
Noah Raford
5th12:40 - 13:05du StageTechnology
A Conversation with Marcus Brauchli
Sara Hamdan
Marcus Brauchli
5th12:45 - 13:05DMS StageDigital Content
The Future of Autonomous Driving and Urban Transport
Nadim Ghrayeb
Bassel Al Nahlaoui
Mike Butcher
5th13:10 - 13:35du StageTechnology
Smashing Taboos with Satire
Tima Shomali
Hisham Fageeh
Jessy El Murr
5th13:10 - 13:30DMS StageEntertainment
Fact Check: Reporting in the Post Truth World
Nasri Atallah
Sara Yasin
Ahmed Shihab-Eldin
5th13:35 - 14:00DMS StageDigital Content
Early Stage Startups Pitches
Philip Bahoshy
5th14:00 - 15:30Cadillac StageStartups & Entreptreneurship
Google: Back the Trends to Beat the Turbulence
Matt Brittin
5th14:30 - 14:45du StageTechnology
Startup Bahrain
Simon Galpin
5th14:50 - 15:05du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
The Tech Behind Brand Safety
Ken Ripley
Imad Sarrouf
TJ Lightwala
Waseem Afzal
5th15:00 - 15:25DMS StageDigital Marketing
Getting The Environment Right - The Careem Culture
Fadi Ghandour
Christian Eid
5th15:10 - 15:30du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
The Challenges and Opportunities of Building Startups in MENA
Talal Bayaa
Mai Medhat
Fadi Ghandour
Leena Khalil
5th15:30 - 15:50du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
Perception and Prejudice: Building a Modern Islamic Identity
Kim Ghattas
Omar Ghobash
5th15:30 - 15:55DMS StageEntertainment
What is the DNA of a successful MENA startup? Discussion with MAGNiTT #MENAFounders
Philip Bahoshy
5th15:30 - 16:00Cadillac StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
Standup for Change: Using Humour to Break Stereotypes
Fahad Albutairi
Yaser Bakr
Ali Al-Sayed
5th15:55 - 16:20DMS StageEntertainment
The Future of Dubai as a Key Entrepreneurial Gateway
Hans Christensen
5th15:55 - 16:10du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
Seed Stage Startups Pitches
Philip Bahoshy
5th16:00 - 18:00Cadillac StageStartups & Entreptreneurship
Immersive Tech in Healthcare: Leveraging VR to Empower Surgeons
Nadine Haram
Jean Nehme
Jos Dirkx
5th16:15 - 16:40du StageTechnology
Karl reMarks/Online Satire
Karl Sharro
5th16:25 - 16:40DMS StageDigital Content
The New Model: Video Content Distribution and On Demand Monetization
Maaz Sheikh
Medea Nocentini
Abe Naga
Mostafa Faramawy
5th16:45 - 17:10DMS StageDigital Content
Closing The Gap: Why Is The Region’s Innovation Sector No Longer Innovative?
Hayfa Ahmed
5th16:45 - 17:00du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
Man vs Machine and Life After Automation
Ramzi Rizk
Omar Tawakol
Khaled Talhouni
David Llorente
5th17:05 - 17:30du StageTechnology
Ali Mustafa: The Journey of an Arab Director
Ali Mostafa
Roozbeh Ali Kafi
5th17:15 - 17:40DMS StageFilm
Purchase, Payment, and Delivery: Dissecting the Ecommerce Value Chain in MENA
Omar Soudodi
Idriss Al Rifai
Kanwal Sarfraz
Nooruldeen Agha
Tamara Pupic
5th17:35 - 17:55du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
Digitization in Sports
Fadi Naoum
5th17:45 - 18:00DMS StageEntertainment
Growing the Pie: How Can Food Delivery Services Reach More Users
Rohin Thampi
Anis Harb
Dikdyuti Sen
Damien Drap
Sirine Fadoul
6th10:00 - 10:25du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
VOD in MENA-Land: Changing the Game for Regional Film?
Perihan AbouZeid
Reem Bader
Gianluca Chakra
6th10:00 - 10:30DMS StageFilm
Official Announcement of Pitch Competition Finalists
Oisin Lunny
6th10:15 - 10:30Cadillac StageStartups & Entreptreneurship
How To Create a Future Proof Brand
Ekaterina Solomeina
6th10:30 - 10:35du StageTechnology
Growth Stage Startups Finalists Pitching
Oisin Lunny
6th10:30 - 11:15Cadillac StageStartups & Entreptreneurship
Future of brand experiences
Ekaterina Solomeina
Matteo Penzo
Tim Kobe
6th10:35 - 11:00du StageTechnology
Utilising Tech for Customers of Tomorrow
Kei Shimada
6th10:35 - 10:50DMS StageDigital Marketing
Platforms vs Publishers: Who Owns the News Consumer?
Dima Khatib
Lorna Blount
Ziad Khammar
Kinda Ibrahim
Dina Amin
6th10:55 - 11:25DMS StageDigital Content
Developers Decoded
Maged Wassim
6th11:05 - 11:25du StageTechnology
Early Stage Startups Finalists Pitching
Philip Bahoshy
6th11:20 - 12:05Cadillac StageStartups & Entreptreneurship
Cloud Adoption Among Dubai Startups
Hans Christensen
Anthony Butler
Tina Ghanem
6th11:25 - 11:40du StageTechnology
The Hacker Way
Shant Oknayan
6th11:30 - 11:45DMS StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
How to Build the Largest e-commerce platform in the Region: The Story of
Fadi Ghandour
Samih Toukan
Ronaldo Moushawar
6th11:45 - 12:05du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
The Rise of Brand Studios: Can Agencies Compete When it Comes to Branded Content?
Ramzi Haddad
Antoine de Trogoff
Leena Kewlani
Ash Banerjee
Victoria Loesch
6th11:50 - 12:20DMS StageDigital Marketing
The VC Report Card: Assessing the Performance of Investors in MENA
Khaled Talhouni
Walid Mansour
Elissa Freiha
Noor Sweid
6th12:05 - 12:30du StageMoney & Investment
Seed Stage Startups Finalists Pitching
Philip Bahoshy
6th12:05 - 12:50Cadillac StageStartups & Entreptreneurship
Herstory of Arab Film – Female Filmmakers Telling Tales
Amirah Tajdin
Wafa Tajdin
Darine Hotait
Ayesha Chagla
6th12:25 - 13:00DMS StageFilm
Uber Technology and Urban Mobility
Anthony Le Roux
6th12:35 - 12:50du StageTechnology
Startups vs VCs - Round 2
Dany Farha
Michael Lahyani
Fares Ghandour
Kamal Hassan
Jon Richards
Aby Sam Thomas
Sarah Jones
6th12:55 - 13:30du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
Arab Arthouses: Running Indie Cinemas in the Arab World
Jowe Harfouche
Youssef Shazli
Yazan Al Ghazzawi
Mahnaz Fancy
6th14:00 - 14:25DMS StageFilm
The Future of Arab Startups Report
Nidal Abou Zaki
6th14:30 - 14:40du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
The Rise of Chatbots and How to Design Smarter Automated Conversations?
Ramzi Rizk
Serag Meneassy
Reetu Kainulainen
6th14:30 - 14:55DMS StageDigital Marketing
A Conversation with Christopher Schroeder
Christopher Schroeder
Ray Dargham
6th14:45 - 15:05du StageTechnology
Making Meaningful Mobile Moments for Millenials
Oisin Lunny
6th15:00 - 15:15DMS StageDigital Marketing
In Only 10 Years Time: How Mobile, AI and VR Will Transform Our Lives
Jonathan Labin
6th15:10 - 15:25du StageTechnology
Snapchat vs Instagram: The Battle for Gen Z
Phil Pallen
Virginia Salas Kastilio
Tala Samman
6th15:20 - 15:45DMS StageDigital Marketing
Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Technologies Upending the Financial Industry
Hadi Kabalan
Ola Doudin
Craig Moore
Fadi Bizri
Omar Rana
6th15:30 - 16:00du StageMoney & Investment
The Secret Lives of Influencers
Mohammad Fattal
Mashhoor Aldubayan
Alaa Ebrahim
Omar Zuhair
6th15:50 - 16:15DMS StageDigital Content
The Real Meaning of Experience Design
Paul Papadimitriou
6th16:05 - 16:10du StageTechnology
Cadillac Pitch Competition Winners6th16:15 - 16:25du StageStartups & Entrepreneurship
Lessons of Localization: The Dos and Don'ts of Content Adaptation in Gaming
Hussam Hammo
MJ Fahmi
6th16:20 - 16:45DMS StageEntertainment
Can Dubai Become the Aviation Capital of the World?
Omar Abou Faraj
Aya Sadder
Kristen Kutz
Raed Kuhail
6th16:30 - 17:00du StageTechnology
Sports and Fan Engagement as a Strategic Advantage
Borja Burguillos
Jose Maria Arrabal
Borja Lopez
Xavi Anglada
Mohammed Awaad
6th16:50 - 17:15DMS StageEntertainment
Cultivating Growth in Emerging Markets
Cem Sertoglu
Eyad Alkassar
Omer Unsal
Hasan Haider
6th17:05 - 17:30du StageMoney & Investment
Opening Statement by Anghami
Eddy Maroun
7th12:00 - 12:05du StageMusic
Building a Grassroots Music Scene in the Middle East
Ali Al Saeed
Hana Malhas
Elia Mssawir
Basem Abuarab
7th12:10 - 12:35du StageMusic
Taking Middle East Hip-Hop Mainstream
DJ Outlaw
Ayham Homsi
7th12:40 - 13:00du StageMusic
The Alternative Arabic Music Revolution
Patrick Boulos
Dania Ismail
Jean-Marie Riachi
Hamed Sinno
7th13:05 - 13:30du StageMusic
Afra Atiq: Spoken-Word Poetry in the Middle East
Afra Atiq
7th14:25 - 14:35du StageMusic
How Musicians And Brands Can Succeed Together
Olly Wood
Elie Abou Saleh
Adriano Konialidis
7th14:40 - 15:05du StageMusic
Succeeding as an English-Language Artist From the Middle East
Rami H. Mustafa
Adam Grundey
Nader Mansour
7th15:10 - 15:35du StageMusic
Zahed Sultan: Reimagining Music From the Arabian Gulf
Zahed Sultan
7th15:40 - 15:55du StageMusic
Saudi’s Voice of R&B
Hamza Hawsawi
Big Hass
7th16:00 - 16:20du StageMusic
The Music Industry in 2027
Eddy Maroun
Arun Sajjan
Ghassan Chartouni
Habib Rahal
Simon Wheeler
7th16:25 - 16:55du StageMusic
Oussama Rahbani7th17:00 - 17:30du StageMusic
Closing address by Anghami
Rami Zeidan
7th17:35 - 17:45du StageMusic

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