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Startup Basecamp

Global startups will be showcasing their products and services online and will have the opportunity to gather leads and network with potential clients and partners. Selected startups get 2 tickets for the price of 1, a free branded virtual booth to showcase and priority access to participate in Startup activities.

Startup Package Benefits

Startup Package Benefits
  • 2 All-Access Pass tickets, including Main Stage, Round Tables, Networking and virtual experiences.
  • Branded virtual booth at the Startup Basecamp which will have features to chat with attendees who visit your booth, a video to promote your startup, and display your Startup Name, website, and a call to action which will lead to a landing page of your choice.
  •  Access to pre-booked one-on-one Investor meetings with top VCs and Angel Investors.
  • Logo featured on all Step Social Media Channels and on the Step Pakistan website under Participating Startups.
  • 1 Free Month of Step+ Subscription
Startup Package Fee
  • $10 and 5% VAT will be applied in ticket shop.

Investor Meetings

Investor Meetings allow participating founders to get matched through 1-on-1 virtual meetings with investors looking to connect and invest in startups. Founders will also get a chance to participate in virtual group sessions with investors to ask any questions.