Airlift raises the largest funding round in Pakistan

August 24, 2021 by STEP Conference

Airlift Technologies raised the largest venture fund in Pakistan to date and with the rise in IT infrastructure and tech growth in Pakistan, venture capital investments are no longer a rarity in the region.

The adoption of the ever-trending startup hustle culture in the younger population has allowed the nation to consistently grow within the business ecosystem internationally.
More and more startups emerge every year, adding to the existing resources in knowledge and funds that had led to an ascending growth flow of venture investments.

A rocketing success story this month comes from Airlift Technologies that raised the largest venture fund in Pakistan to date at $85million with international participation from 20VC and Buckley Ventures bringing the e-commerce builder to a $275 million valuation.

While international venture funds penetrate into the regional ecosystem, local funds have also been on steady growth. A notable funding organization is joining Step Pakistan in just 3 weeks. In 2019, Airlift had raised over $2.2million in their seed fund round with Indus Valley Capital and other partners. Indus Valley Capital helps founders and early-stage startups build the most transformative and impactful companies in Pakistan, join its founder and managing partner, Aatif Awan, at Step Pakistan.

Join the Head of Expansion at Airlift, Shehreyar Iqbal, and more trailblazing founders and startups at Step Pakistan this September 15th! Check out the Line-up! 

pakistani speakers from airlift

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