Announcing ‘STEP Anywhere’

May 10, 2020 by STEP Conference

Today’s announcement is the most excited I’ve been about an announcement in a while. You are going to experience a full-fledged STEP Conference online event this August for the first time. And we’re calling it ‘STEP Anywhere’. 

As much as we love throwing amazing physical events that we’ve got you used to over the years, there is a lot that we can do with online events that simply wasn’t possible before: 

  1. Access: Many people in our community have been following us for years but simply couldn’t afford to attend our event physically. This has been the case especially for those in markets with lower purchasing power where the cost of a flight, hotel, and conference ticket would break the bank. Now, this access is possible for anyone anywhere at a very affordable cost. 
  2. Data: With data and tech, we will be able to massively improve our attendees and sponsors’ experience at our events. In an online event, we’ll be able to connect you with the right people that you are looking for and not waste your time. 
  3. Waste: I’m a big fan of anything that reduces carbon emissions and waste for the environment. If we learned anything during this time, it would be the realization of how much nature is stronger than us all and we need to be nice to it. Physical events produce tons of waste in terms of plastic, wood, fuel, and so much more. This can all be saved with online events. 

Our first online event that we hosted in April was just “scratching the surface”. STEP Anywhere will be an online event experience that you’ve never seen before and probably orders of magnitude better than our first online event. 

STEP Anywhere will be a completely online conference experience with tons of sessions across several tracks/stages, multiple networking activities, exhibition and sponsor areas, satellite events, and much more. Thousands of startup founders, investors, and others who work in the tech and digital world will be in attendance.

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