Cracking the Customer Experience: The Economy of the Next Fifty Years

June 8, 2023 by STEP Conference

In today’s digital age, the value of authentic human connections often gets overshadowed. Peter Shankman, renowned entrepreneur, author, and speaker, recently took Step Conference’s Main Stage to highlight the valuable lessons and rules that can help individuals establish authentic connections and ace their customer experience game from day one. Let’s explore the key principles and strategies for effective relationship building:

Peter Shankman's keynote on customer experience
Peter Shankman on the Step Conference Main Stage

Embrace Transparency

Shankman emphasizes the importance of transparency in cultivating meaningful connections. Drawing from his experiences, he highlights the need to be open and honest with your audience. By being transparent in your interactions, you can establish trust and credibility, laying a strong foundation for long-lasting relationships.

Get in Front of the Problem

Another crucial rule shared by Shankman is the concept of proactively addressing issues and providing solutions. He recounts instances where companies like United missed the mark by not getting in front of problems. Shankman advises individuals and businesses to anticipate and resolve issues promptly, showcasing their commitment to customer experience and loyalty.

Maximize Relevance

Shankman delves into the importance of relevance in communication. He shares insights on understanding your audience’s preferences and engaging with them in ways that resonate. By asking your audience how they prefer to receive information, actively reaching out to them, and responding to their needs, you can tailor your communication to maximize relevance and effectiveness and ensure an effective customer experience strategy.

Offer Value and Stay Top of Mind

Shankman stresses the significance of providing value to your audience. Instead of solely focusing on selling, he suggests offering something valuable to establish yourself as a trusted resource. By consistently delivering relevant and useful content, you can stay top of mind and foster stronger connections with your audience.

Master the Basics

In his talk, Shankman shares the importance of mastering the fundamentals of customer service. He highlights a remarkable customer service story and emphasizes the need to prioritize the basics. By excelling in customer service and going above and beyond, businesses can leave a lasting impression and create memorable experiences for their customers. He added “The bar for customer experience is so low I would have put a million dollars on improving during COVID. Because every single company in the world had a massive reset chance they had a chance to reset and do everything differently and put their focus on the customer and make it better and not one goddamn company did it. So the bar, if it’s even possible, got lower during COVID.”

By incorporating these rules into your interactions, you can strengthen relationships, cultivate loyalty, and create a positive impact in your personal and professional life. To watch the full conversation, click here.

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