Handy Tools and Apps for STEP 2020!

February 9, 2020 by STEP Conference

STEP 2020 kicks off on February 11th and these are the apps and tools you need to step up your networking game and navigate smoothly through the event!

1. STEP Conference 2020 app

The STEP Conference 2020 app is live on Android and iOS. Download here to view the agenda, sign up for workshops and activities happening at STEP 2020 and receive event updates and announcements! Make sure to turn on notifications on the app so you don’t miss any event day announcements! 

2. STEP Match

Take your networking game to a whole new level at STEP Match! Use the Brella app for intent-based matchmaking powered by AI, and book 1-on-1 meetings with your top matches.
Download the app on android or iOS and start establishing new partnerships and find the best connections whether new client, hire, partner or startup!

3. TROOV app

Troov is a lost & found software that allows STEP 2020 attendees to report what they have lost or found, using this page!

How Troov works:

  • If you find an item during STEP Conference please drop it at the main registration team or to a Security team member
  • If you lose an item please fill out Troov form : try to be as specific as possible when describing it
  • If our algorithm identifies a match ⚡ you will receive an email notification 
  • You will be required to provide a security question to prove your ownership : give an information that you are the only one to know about your item  (e.g.upload a picture of you with your item, describe your mobile phone case…)
  • As soon as you will be authenticated, you will receive the information to recover your item ✅

4. Revolugo

Flying in to Dubai for STEP 2020? Check out the hotel booking platform here for hotel rates ideally located around the event.

5. Hologuide

HoloGuide is the app where users can connect with any city using AR & AI technologies to explore around and discover offers. Holodguide can be used at STEP 2020 to guide you through the event and optimize your experience!

6. Yanzo

Get your own personal concierge on your phone and download Yanzo for an easier lifestyle. Yanzo can help you check out tasks like paying bills, buying item. By just one small message!