Hear from Amazon’s CTO on how tech will impact our lives in 2021

January 22, 2021 by admin

2021 is going to be a launchpad for change—find out what’s coming.

Prediction 1: Cloud will be everywhere.

Prediction 2: The internet of machine learning.

Prediction 3: In 2021, pictures, video, and audio will speak more than words. 

Prediction 4: Technology will transform our physical worlds as much as our digital worlds.

Prediction 5: Remote learning earns its place in education.

Prediction 6: Small business will race to the cloud, and Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa will lead the way.

Prediction 7: Quantum computing starts to bloom.

Prediction 8: The final frontier…

Read more about the predictions from Dr. Werner Vogels, VP and CTO at Amazon here

Credits to Amazon Article.

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