Joining Ep10 of Maté Conversations is Omar Kassim, founder and CEO of NOMOD

June 7, 2021 by STEP Conference

On the next episode of Maté Conversations, we invite Omar Kassim, founder, and CEO of NOMOD.

🗓 June 15th, Tuesday
⏰ 16:30 GST

Omar had previously founded JadoPado, back in 2011, an e-commerce marketplace that was acquired by Noon earlier in 2017. He has also spent time working in and building out his family business, Esanjo Ventures, a trading, investment, and technology firm, where they’ve built interesting projects such as Farfill, and invested in businesses such as Hopi.

Omar often shares interesting write-ups and personal insights on the MENA startups ecosystem and beyond on his twitter page.

His current venture, NOMOD, aims to make it beautifully easy to accept card payments on your device. You can get started in just 27 seconds and accept card payments on your phone, anytime, anywhere!


Omar Kassim, founder, and CEO of NOMOD

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