Lounges & Restaurants Waiting for You this February in Dubai

December 18, 2019 by STEP Conference

Other than going to STEP 2020, here are some of the top lounges and restaurants you must visit in Dubai this February


Source: Luxury Chapter

COYA is a luxury dining experience. Its cuisine provides a fusion of Peruvian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish influences.


Source: WHITE Dubai

WHITE is Dubai’s first high-tech outdoor rooftop. An experience like no other!

3. Maiden Shanghai

Source: Gourmet Times

Visit Dubai’s best Chinese bistro and enjoy a luxury experience like no other!

4. Iris Dubai

Source: Ahlan Live

Iris is a beautiful outdoor lounge experience, with skyline views, DJs, live music & fusion food.

5. Little Miss India

Source: Reserve Out

Little Miss India will take you away into an experience filled with a mixture of Indian flavors.

6. Music Hall

Source: Departures

Enjoy a night filled with entertainment and live music from every corner of the world!

Make sure to not miss out on these wonderful experiences in Dubai!! So buy your tickets now to attend STEP 2020 and make use of our Early Bird offer before it ends!