Meet Amazon’s VP at Step 2022

December 29, 2021 by Dana Sakr

Paul Misener, Amazon’s Vice President of 22 years, is taking over the Main Stage at Step 2022!

amazons vp

Paul, a scientist, and attorney, founded Amazon’s economic development incentives program and Amazon’s global public policy organization. He built and led the team and then took the position of VP. Paul has delivered hundreds of speeches and media interviews and met countless times with political leaders around the world. He has also successfully negotiated agreements on public policy with hundreds of Representatives and Senators and US state governors.

Paul also discusses innovation principles and methods with dozens of corporate CEOs and their senior leadership teams.

In 2013, he acted as Chair of the technical subcommittee of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory committee. It recommended allowing commercial airline passengers to use portable electronics during taxi, takeoff, and landing (thank you Paul ✈)

Interestingly, Paul wanted to become an astrophysicist and conducted two projects in Princeton’s Physics Department. He is still fascinated by space and time to this day 🌠🌠

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