Meet Jeremiah Owyang of Blitzscaling Ventures at Step 2024!

February 8, 2024 by STEP Conference

In less than two weeks, Jeremiah Owyang, VC of Blitzscaling Ventures and esteemed industry expert, will take the Main Stage powered by Dubai Internet City at Step Conference 2024 🎉

jeremiah owyang Blitzscaling Ventures

Jeremiah is well-recognized by both the tech industry and the media for his grounded approach to deriving insights through research. He identifies trends and advises major companies to adapt their business models to better connect with customers. His clients include Adobe, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Nestlé, Esurance, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, and Colgate, among others.

An acknowledged thought leader and widely read publisher, Jeremiah has appeared in prominent publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, and Fast Company. He also publishes numerous research reports, playbooks, and frameworks to help businesses navigate change, improve customer experiences, and identify trends before they happen.

Jeremiah’s expertise extends beyond analysis and consulting—he has served on the board of directors of multiple tech startups, including Ustream, which sold to IBM for $130M. He is now a General Partner at Blitzscaling Ventures, a VC focused on investing in AI startups at the Seed and Series A stages, with the potential for rapid scaling.

Fun Fact: In addition to his professional accomplishments, Jeremiah is a family man, CrossFit fanatic, Spartan Trifecta finisher, and a former professional jazz musician. 🎷


We can’t wait to see what Jeremiah has in store for us soon. Secure your ticket now to not miss out on his insights.