Microsoft at STEP 2020

February 9, 2020 by STEP Conference

Check out what STEP Start Cloud Partner, Microsoft, has in store for you at STEP 2020!

Workshops: Get your Microsoft advantage today!

Join Muhammad Nabil, Head of ISVs and Startups Strategy at the Microsoft Office on February 11th & 12th at 2pm for a comprehensive global program designed to support startups as they build and scale their companies. Whether you’re looking to build your first application, land your first customer or scale to a million users, we’re here to help. From technical resources and free cloud to selling alongside Microsoft   salespeople and partner channel, we’re invested in your success.

Keynote on X/Money Stage:

Public Sector Director, Leila Serhan will have a keynote “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Digital Transformation” to discuss what are the implications of the fourth industrial revolution on us? How can you keep up in the agile digital world of cloud and artificial intelligence? On February 11th at 12:10pm on the DIC STEP X/Money Stage.

Hosted Panel:

Mark your calendars for the “Insurance: Still on the edge of disruption” panel hosted by Microsoft on February 11 on the DIC STEP X/Money stage to get insights on why many insurers are still hesitant to take bold, and fast steps towards transformation and the need and strategies to share risks and start adopting technological transformations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain-based infrastructure options, and mobile applications.