Our Startups Look Back on Success at Step Conference!

November 13, 2023 by STEP Conference

In the bustling world of tech conferences, it’s not always easy to stand out. But at Step Conference, we’ve managed to carve out a special place in the hearts of our startups, and here’s the secret sauce: our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value.

Step Conference Startup Basecamp 2023

We asked some previous showcasers how Step helped to power their startup’s journey:

Startup Evolution & Innovation
Paolo Khayat of Libas highlights the pivotal role of Step Conference in their startup evolution. “Last year’s conference allowed us to know all our strengths and weaknesses in a single day”. This helped Libas to develop ASLE, an AI tool authenticating handbags with 95% confidence. On the other hand, Andrea Giannini from Exovolar stated that “the conference facilitated invaluable networking opportunities, allowing us to forge connections with other startups, tech leaders, and potential partners.”

Investor Engagement & Funding
Step enables founders to connect with hundreds of investors and VCs. Andrea highlights the crucial role of a robust business and a compelling story in gaining investor support, emphasizing ongoing engagement post-conference. Paolo shared, “Not only did it fast-track our relationships, but also assisted in immediately breaking the ice with investors”. He also stressed the significance of leveraging the event mobile app and having a clear, compelling booth to make a lasting impression on potential investors.

Maximizing the Experience
For first-time startups, Sahar Morhal of Kagami Trading advises attending relevant sessions with clear goals in mind and following up with connections to maximize their experience. Additionally, Andrea stresses the importance of engaging with fellow founders, being open about challenges, and expanding networking horizons beyond their comfort zones.

Advice For You
At #Step2024, startups can glean insights from seasoned participants. Paolo emphasizes thorough preparation, automation, and networking tools, Andrea stresses transformative potential through engagement, openness, and network expansion, while Sahar advises clear goals, openness, attendance at relevant sessions, and prompt follow-up. 

What keeps Startups returning to Step?
It is more than just exceptional speakers, workshops, and pitch competitions – it’s the thrill of forging connections and the profound impact on their entrepreneurial journeys.

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