Running Your Virtual Booth at Step Anywhere 2020

August 10, 2020 by STEP Conference

Make sure you logged into the Hopin link which is the platform to attend Step Anywhere 2020. 

Where will your Booth be listed?

  • Go to “Expo” tab in Hopin on the left pane to see where your Booth is listed

To Run your booth:

  • Make sure to login using the email and name you have provided to Step 
  • Make use of the Booth chat feature, pinning messages, and allowing attendees to go live with you for conversation.

Hopin Tutorial:

Step demo:

Important! Best Practices and Ideas to activate and engage with attendees in your booth:

  • Ask questions in your Expo booth chat to engage with attendees
  • Add a slide with your schedule with when you will be live (Dubai Time). You will need to screen share and maximize your window (you can test this during demo).
  • If you are putting a video, make sure the video is exciting, and try to record yourself welcoming your booth visitors and asking them to register interest.
  • Stream from a funky location (like your warehouse, tech garage, etc..) and possibly give your viewers a tour!
  • If you are providing an offer/discount, make sure it is a good and exciting offer to encourage the attendees to redeem it
  • Avoid leaving the booth with no slide present as that will not be a good experience for attendees and you might lose leads
  • Think about engaging activities to interact with attendees and your booth visitors. Here are some ideas:

Important! The Optimal set up to go live in your booth:

1 – Video & Lighting

Having a good video feed is essential to the success of your session. Lighting is the most important factor when it comes to video quality. 


Your built-in Laptop camera should be fine for the session. However, external equipment can provide better quality video in some cases. 

Option: LINK 


Ambient daylight is the best source of light. If you do not have adequate daylight in the area you will conduct your session, or if your session’s timing is in the evening – it is recommended to have a strong light source available that would shine on your front side (face). Avoid placing your light source above you or below you, as this will create shadows on your face. Straight-on lighting is best.


Avoid having light sources behind you that are visible to the camera. Have the camera at the same level of your face pointing horizontally at you. Avoid having the camera pointing at you from the top or bottom. 
Option: Ring Light (LINK)

Examples of Good/Bad Video examples:

2 – Audio 
When it comes to Audio, having external equipment is highly encouraged. Avoid using your laptop/PC microphone and speakers.


The goal is for a great-sounding microphone, not visually seen. Refrain from using your Laptop microphone as the quality provided by that microphone is not adequate.. Avoid a large tabletop microphone as that can obscure the attendee’s view on the video stream.

Option: Lavalier (LINK)


Avoid using your speakers as an audio output as that can create an echo in the audio coming from your microphone. A hidden earphone can work fine, but it is advisable to use a wired earphone option to mitigate the risk of loss of sound from a drained battery of wireless earphones. Avoid using big bulky over-ear earphones.

Option to purchase: Earbud Earphones (LINK) This earbud has a wire that goes over the top of the ear like a newscaster and is almost invisible. If you are using a MAC, Apple Airpods connected to your MAC can work, make sure they are sufficiently charged prior to your session.

To achieve the best results:

  1. Find a quiet place in your home or office to use during the session
  2. Avoid being outdoors, coffee shops, or other public places
  3. Test your audio devices prior to going live.