Six New Year’s resolutions

January 2, 2019 by STEP Conference

This year I will accomplish #GOALS

It’s that time of year again – the annual “new year, new you” spirit. New Year’s resolutions can really impact your life, so in 2019 let STEP motivate you to be a better informed and more inspired you. Sign up to STEP 2019 and see what new skills, insights, and connections you can pick up from our community. And since the event is on February 13 and 14 this year, it guarantees you’ll stay focused a resolution past the January hype – that’s ambitious in itself! Here are some ideas:

I will learn new skills

STEP 2019 has four content stages of curated talks, panels, chats and debates by industry experts, so that you can learn directly from them about the current hot-topics. Plus, there’s more intimate, hands-on workshops across subjects like tech, entrepreneurship, digital, and beyond. 

I will be my own boss

Have you always dreamed of having your own business? What’s stopping you? Just look for inspiration at our startup exhibition areas and on the STEP Start stage. Discover the entrepreneurial spirit in YOU and get the right knowhow to get started.

I will get moneyssss

Have an idea or a startup already? Now if only you had the $$$$ to make it work… In this business it’s all about meeting the right people and having your elevator pitch ready. Top VCs, angel investors, accelerators, and more will be at STEP this year – and they’re looking for people like you!

I will socialize more

With so much networking going on at STEP 2019, you’re bound to meet future clients, future suppliers, mentors, and others that can make your business a success. Come prepared with business cards and get shmoozing.

I will finally understand blockchain and crypto

Yes, we’ve all Googled the terms but what can blockchain and crypto actually DO for us? Our Money stage is entirely dedicated to FinTech topics, with many conversations on both blockchain and crypto happening throughout the two-day event. Experts on other stages are tackling how blockchain applies to other domains too. Plus, check out the newest related startups in the exhibition space and finally get to the bottom of these terms du jour.

I will upgrade my lifestyle

What does the future hold? Well, the future is here – it just hasn’t reached the masses everywhere yet. STEP 2019 is holding workshops on the topic. Also, our future tech stage, STEP X, will cover topics like connected lifestyles with AI and IoT, as well as the evolution of smart cities, the future of mobility, and the AI .

I will be more creative

Creatives can get even more creative by watching how others in their field do their work and learn from their processes . Our STEP Digital stage is all about brands, agencies and content creators sharing successes and inspiring others to be innovative.

STEP Conference 2019 is just around the corner! Buy your tickets before prices increase, or apply to showcase your startup.