Step Conference 2024 Speakers: Meet the Experts Taking Our Stages Next Week!

February 14, 2024 by STEP Conference

As we draw near to Step Conference 2024, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the achievements of some remarkable Step Conference 2024 Speakers taking our stages next week. Let’s dive in 🌟

Loulou Khazen is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, investor, and podcast host with rich experience in GCC markets. She’s known for founding, a leading online marketplace, and currently leads investments at Spade Ventures while hosting one of MENA’s top-rated business podcasts ‘Conversations with Loulou’.

step conference 2024 speakers : loulou khazen

Alina Polyakova is the founder of Mamahood, bringing a wealth of diverse industry experience to her role. With a background in business development, Alina is dedicated to empowering mothers through her innovative platform.

step 2024 speakers : alina polyakova

Diala Khashan, a dynamic entrepreneur and marketing maven making waves in the startup scene, was recognized as one of Forbes 30 Under 30. Her strategic vision at Vatrin has empowered the disruptive fintech startup to the head of tech innovation in MENA, inspiring many women and startups in Palestine.

Mia Jafari, Founder of Fluid Labs, specializes in designing and implementing startup and innovation programs to address environmental, social, and business challenges. For over a decade, she’s led initiatives for various institutions, including the University of Arts London and the Emirates Foundation.

Feeling inspired by these remarkable women? Don’t miss the chance to watch them live next week 🤩

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