The Step 2022 Agenda is Live

January 7, 2022 by STEP Conference

The Step 2022 Agenda is here! Are you ready to discover what we have planned for our 10th-anniversary event in February?

We’ve lined up 2 days covering all topics including digital trends, fintech, future tech, startups, and wellness. Step 2022 will be filled with unique content, professional networking, fun activities, and inspiring talks!

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Here is a sneak peek of what some of our stages will be covering at Step 2022 👀

Step 2022 Agenda on Startups

Reflections on a decade of MENA’s startup ecosystem

Bringing in the regulators and key stakeholders that have been playing a major role in shaping up the startup ecosystem over the past 10 years in the MENA region to discuss changes and future projections.

Step 2022 Agenda on Digital

Artists’ Role in Putting Brands on the Map
When artists and brands started to come together, real magic appeared to consumers. Diving into the long journey of collaborations and the strategy for brands to approach the right artists and vice versa.

Step 2022 Agenda on Future

Electric Vehicles: Infrastructure and Talent
Building charging stations, and having an electricity grid that can support the additional demand for electricity as Electric Vehicle adoption increases, is a conversation that changes urban planning and affects every stakeholder in the economy, what’s being done in emerging markets and will we get to 100% electric adoption?

Step 2022 Agenda on Fintech

Payments Revolutionizing Retail
Buy now Pay later, peer-2-peer lending, and digital payments: all new and rising payment models are having a huge impact on consumers’ shopping behaviors and pushing retailers outside their comfort zone. Experts will be discussing the changes that retailers have to adapt to and strategies for being proactive.

Step 2022 Agenda on wellness

Emerging Femtech
Discussing the rising awareness of women’s health in emerging markets, the sub-sectors, and the role technology is playing in promoting women’s wellness across all areas.

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Stay tuned for the final agenda and keep an eye out for more exciting announcements!