Welcoming the UK and EU to the MENA Center-stage 🌍

February 22, 2021 by STEP Conference

The UK and European startup ecosystem continues to grow despite the pandemic and has  now expanded to almost $1Trillion in combined value from the last 5 years. Investors from around the world have made the UK and EU their investing ground for startups bolstering their innovation-first initiatives.

With consumer-popular startups like Swiftkey and Skype acquired by Tech-giant Microsoft at over $200M and $8.5B each 💰, it’s indeed interesting to notice how data and social media have made their way into the startup scene in the last decade as the championing metrics of technology innovation📱.

🚪Doors opened to UK and EU’s innovating founders at 
Step Anywhere 2021

Data, Social Media, and Business Sustainability can be touted as the rocketing keywords that land on our LinkedIn pages and while navigating around communities of innovative startups may seem hectic, we are inviting some sought-after intellectual startup founders from the UK and EU to the center-stage of MENA’s leading conference for emergent markets,
at Step Anywhere 2021 👇


1. Vanessa Tierney, founder of Abodoo, previously worked for 18 years at Fortune 100 companies and government entities, now running Abodoo, the first dynamic skills data intelligence company for countries globally to reboot local economies to drive job creation.

2. Shaon Talukdar, founder of GeoTourist, a multi-award winning, travel social media platform, hailed as the ‘Future of Travel-Tech’ and featured in the industry report of ‘Future Trends’ by Visit Britain and cited as “Game Changing Technology” by Euromonitor International.

3. Ricardo Santos, co-founder of Heptasense, a video analytics software for surveillance cameras, featured in Wired and Forbes as one of the top AI startups in Europe.

4. Matt Sexton, Strategy Director at Futerra, was previously Sustainability Director at B&Q, where he ran the award-winning One Planet Home programme.  He was also a member of the sustainability leadership team at Kingfisher that created the ground breaking Net Positive programme.

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