Your STEP Match Kit

January 22, 2021 by admin

About Step Match

Step Match is a series of online networking events brought to you by Step, the organizers of Step Conference, the leading tech and startup festival for emerging markets. The upcoming event taking place on September 30th, 2020 will be themed Founders X Investors with a focus on seed/early stage startups and investors. Founders will get matched through 1-on-1 virtual meetings with investors looking to connect and invest in seed stage startups. Founders will also get a chance to participate in virtual group sessions with investors to ask any questions.You can check the confirmed investors and startups here.

Registration and logging on to the event platform

You will need to be a ticket holder to get access to the Step Match event. The Hopin Event Link will be shared with you by email a few days before the event. This will be your link to access the Step Match event.

Getting around Hopin (The Step Match Event Platform)

Entering the event and the reception

Step demo (please note this is a demo for reference):

Hopin Tutorial:

Stage Room

The Stage room is where the opening remarks of the event will take place with details on how to get the best out of your experience. This will be closed after the opening remarks

Session Rooms

The Session area is where multiple types of meetings will take place during the event. These include:

  • Investor lounges for group discussions: Founders (up to 3 at a time) will be able to participate in group discussions with Investors to ask different questions and receive advice.
  • Where will your Lounge be listed? Go to the “Sessions” tab in Hopin on the left pane to see where the Investor Lounges will appear

To Run your Lounge as an Investor:

  • Make sure to login to Hopin with the same details you used to register to be added to the correct lounge as a Moderator
  • Up to 4 startups can go live with the Investor (Moderating investors will see the requests through a panel at the bottom of the Hopin window and will approve the individuals to go live)

Hopin tutorial:

Step demo:


There are multiple ways to network during Step Match.Through the Hopin Networking Room, you will have the opportunity to network speed-networking style. Other opportunities to network and connect with other attendees include:

  • Connecting through the “People” tab that can be accessed throughout the event areas. You will be able to request meetings by connecting through this feature.
  • Participate in the different chat rooms (investor lounges) throughout the event.

There will be no Expo as part of STEP Match.


You can find us in:

Important! Setting up to go live and network:

To achieve the best results:

  1. Find a quiet place in your home or office to use during the session
  2. If you are outdoors (since you can join from Anywhere!), like coffee shops, or other public places, just make sure someone would be able to hear you so you can have great conversations properly.
  3. Test your audio devices prior to going live with your session.