STEP Conference 2017

The Largest Startup Showcase in MENA

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Startup Basecamp

Over 400 startups from all around the world, all industries, and all funding stages will be showcasing their products & services at STEP Startup Basecamp.

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2016 Pitch Winners

Startups that Participate

What You Get

The Startup Package

Startups that apply to showcase at STEP Startup Basecamp and get approved, get two tickets for the price of 1 regular ticket for $299.

Two Tickets For The Price of One

Showcasing startups will get a free exhibition booth for 1 day. Participants will only have to pay for their 2-for-1 conference tickets.

Free branded booth for 1 day

Entrepreneurs showcasing at STEP Startup Basecamp get numerous opportunities to network, share, and receive mentorship from investors, industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs attending the event.

Exposure to 6000+ professionals

Startups showcasing at STEP Conference gain exclusive access to sign up and participate in STEP Pitch Competition, where they pitch their products and services to a room full of investors, industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Pitch to Investors

Startup founders get their very own 1-on-1 session with mentors and industry experts from all around the world in STEP Mentor’s Corner, and can attend workshops on various topics ranging from turning ideas into businesses to growing unicorns.

Access to Mentorships & Workshops

Tune in to big-name speakers and influencers as they engage in talks and panel discussions on our tech, digital and entertainment stages.

Access to talks & panel discussions