STEP’s Co-founder & CEO shares his favorite sessions happening this year at STEP 2020!

February 7, 2020 by STEP Conference

“I’m usually excited about pretty much everything at STEP Conference every year but I’m always overly excited about a few things. Here is my list of things that I’m “overly” excited about for STEP 2020:” – Ray Dargham

  1. Step Match Brella Networking App: I’ve seen many networking tools and this is by far the best I’ve ever come across. I experienced it in San Francisco last year and we decided to bring it to Step. Make sure you download the Brella app or use the web link to get connected and schedule instant meetings with the right people at the conference. It’s really awesome.
  2. We’re bringing back the Main Stage with a global line-up of speakers from Silicon Valley, Europe, Africa, India, China, and beyond.
  3. Record Startup Showcase: We’re breaking our record this year by the number of startups showcasing which will be 300+ and the best part is that a lot of them are global.
  4. Wellness Track and Stage: We’re launching a whole new wellness track that will cover mind, soul, and body in life and at the workplace. This is becoming an increasingly important topic in startup ecosystems around the world.
  5. The Step Show: After the success of last year’s, we’re doing again the Step Show this year which is the first ever live talk show at a conference (let me know if you’ve heard of any others).
  6. STEP 2020 Opening Night: STEP’s Opening Night concept is going to be a first for us this year! We will be hosting Opening Night at Cinema Akil and screening “Autonomy”, a documentary on self-driving cars by journalist and author Malcom Gladwell. Seats are limited so only the first 100 STEP Ticket holders will get a seat so book yours now.

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